Let's rethink your website together

Whether to give a new visual aspect adapted to the graphic trends of the moment, add features, improve its SEO or secure your showcase or e-commerce site, a redesign is the best way to strengthen its positioning, reach more people and above all, meet a growing demand for new ways of browsing websites.

Redesigning a website, unlike a «makeover» that only applies to the graphic part of a website, is a complex operation that is better left to a professional. The reflection of the project must be thoughtful and use an innovative approach.

  • The ergonomics of your showcase site, sales platform, associative site
  • Adding features tailored to the needs of your site or app users
  • A simple and efficient transition to responsive

  • Add the modernity expected by visitors on a site that is a little tired
  • Reposition your brand image, take a new direction or reinforce an already existing image
  • Reaching a new core target
  • Satisfy your site visitors with simplicity and an intuitive feeling
Refonte écrans superposé, statistiques et responsive design site internet

Modernize your brand image. Everything goes faster on the net and a website needs to be redone more often than a kitchen. Also, think about your online marketing strategy that must be adapted to the new communication ways, whether you have an associative, corporate site…

The goal of creating a first contact is no longer enough. The presence of social networks has somewhat degraded exchanges. Cordiality and precision were exchanged by speed or «everything, immediately». Internet users must be interested as soon as they arrive on your website.

Capture attention faster by providing a graphic and semantic quality combined with interesting content to your virtual visitors.

Strengthen the relationship of trust thanks to your brand image and your clean and clear digital presence

Mains soudées, équipe soudées, projet réussi

Your business development and your visitor / customer conversion axis are key points for your overall business strategy. Every detail is important to a successful sale.

One of the strategies is to put mobile and other smartphones forward because it is the favorite way of Internet users, and this trend will only grow.

Your buyers must be offered an instinctive, fluid and rewarding shopping experience, whether on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Technical optimization will improve the speed of navigation on your e-commerce site, which will help Google with the SEO of your site allowing a better position against your competitors.

We identify the key points of YOUR needs
  • Avoids security issues such as site hacking, data theft, manipulation of existing information
  • Be up to date, on a monitored server, backed up and strengthened
  • Discover the performance you expected when creating your original site
To offer you YOUR best version
  • A state-of-the-art site that includes the latest security available
  • A responsive site that adapts to all screens, regardless of size
  • A website that meets all your desires and needs, in simplicity