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Leave us the complexity

Rest assured, we support you with our simple and effective solutions on search engines ranking for your internet website or mobile app. Showcase website or e-commerce website, organizational or institutional website, be sure that users will be able to find you easily and quickly.

The knowledge and the application of web ranking are the key component to ensure a proper positioning. Bad news, those rules changes a lot. Fortunately, we keep our eyes wide open for you !

SEO, SEM, SEA, SMO, SMA, SMM, SXO, CRO… All these abbreviations are real subjects on their own. It’s hard to improvise himself as a good web ranker. And what is the point to have a splendid website if it’s confined under pages and pages of competitor websites ?

Your ranking is vital for us. That’s why we wish you prosperity and that is why we are taking actions with a win / win vision.

Focus on your activity

You, Google, your website… And us

Natural web ranking is one way to get more views for your website. It allows your future customers, donors, members, (…) to find you quickly on the internet.

Google controls your website quality by using and verifying a set of rules (200 approximately). Respecting those rules, SERPS (Search Engine Results Page) will understand your intent and will be able to show your website the efficient way for the internet users.

Like everyone you want your website to be on the first Google page, this our role. Our achievements scrupulously respect the rules set by Google ensuring you the best SEO ranking.

And if you want to reach the next level, we also take care for you of your Google Adwords campaigns.

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Emailing, the power of digital world

Your emailing campaigns are the cement of your digital relationships. Your non-profit / profit association, company (…) can reach ALL its customers or members but can also find new ones.

We build your emailing campaign the intelligent way based on your sending history, users activity, location, membership level… We are meticulously respecting the rules of the emailing world set by various ISP (Internet Service Providers) and other major actors of the internet, to ensure maximum deliverability and guaranteeing a record opening rate.

email marketing

Prospect today, customer tomorrow

SpatioTempoWeb targets the audience the most suitable to positively answer to your message. Whether you’re using MailChimp, SendInBlue, Constant Contact… We manage your mailing campaigns from the creation to entire data analysis phase, watching for hard-bounces, soft-bounces, inbound…

Many associations or online shops have a hard start in the emailing world and reach new interactions from your members or clients.

Email starting lists are not always up-to-date which quickly poses problems amongst various ISPs. They can severely penalize you by preventing people from receiving your emails. Our field of expertise in this domain allow you to avoid delivery problems, blacklisting of your IP addresses, etc… Our email optimization offers to all your prospects an optimal experience, no matter the device used.

We also create landing pages allowing you to collect all the relevant datas in a transparent and efficient way offering you clean and healthy databases, THE essential component in the Web Marketing.

We spend the time it takes to make sure the email is really responsive and with a maximum deliverability rate, thus allowing your prospects to sign the current HOT petition or redirect them to your social network pages to enter the prize draw you’ve build, positively answer your current offers, join your association, buy your products or services… THE WORLD IS YOURS


Newsletter emailing prospect et analyse responsive tous supports

Information is the sinews of war ads !

How can your customers know that you are launching the range of the century ? How can your members sign the petition that will change society if they do not know its existence ? How do you raise the necessary amount for your project without a clear, effective and targeted call for donations ?

And how can you inform your followers directly on your online sales platform about the next promotional offer?

Let’s create, together, the ultimate emailing campaign !

The newsletter is the ESSENTIAL tool for any good communication campaign. Once again, we take care of everything or we assist you during your product launches, calls for donations, email campaigns…

Paying for ads, a good idea ?

Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Le bon coin, Microsoft ads, Linkedin…

The world of advertising campaigns is a very dense subject. Many companies rely on their campaigns. But did you know that only 2.8% of Internet users click on Google ad campaigns ?

So why invest time, money and grey cells? Is it really useful ?

At SpatioTempoWeb, we believe that the main source of traffic to your site is that it is well built, which allows to have a natural or organic referencing. So what about paid ads? Just because you can, doesn’t mean you have to !

image google ads / fb ads


A well-conducted campaign and especially well thought out upstream (where, for whom, what period…) allows to generate some additional traffic. We take care of creating or managing your Google Ads campaigns, Facebook Ads, Linkedin ads, Le bon coin, Ebay ads, Twitter ads…

You will be positioned on top of the stack based on the selected keywords. Conversions from visitors to customers will be increased, in line with the objectives we have defined together.

We offer several services that we are sure, will meet all your needs.

Hey you ! Yeah yeah, you ! Do you want to be clicked faster ?